The EM Drive. What exactly is it, how does it work?

"An independent scientist has confirmed that the paper by scientists at the Nasa Eagleworks Laboratories on achieving thrust using highly controversial space propulsion technology EmDrive has passed peer review, and will soon be published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics"
When something is accelerating (speeding up in one direction or changing direction at the same or higher forward velocity), in it's own frame of reference, it will get warmer.
This change in warmth is (in simplified terms) "blackbody radiation". The longer the wavelength of BBR, the "cooler" the radiation.
What the article seems to be saying is that because the acceleration imparted by the microwave radiation is so immeasurably small, and because the wavelength of heat it would generate would be physically impossible in this universe, instead of that acceleration being expressed as an increase in warmth (BBR), it becomes "quantized" as a change in the object's inertia (the object gains "movement"/"push" in a certain direction).
Ostensibly, doing this at a high frequency would manifest a measurable change in inertia/acceleration.

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