Is it in any way possible to reverse a black hole?

Would it be possible to remove mass from a black hole, making the gravititional pull too weak to "maintain" a singulariry? What would happen?
If they're small enough, they actually do this on their own. We think that quantum fluctuations near the event horizons of black holes cause them to emit mass/energy in the form of Hawking Radiation. For big black holes, this happens really slowly, (many-times-the-age-of-the-universe-slowly) but the smaller they get, the faster they evaporate. Exponentially faster.
Eventually, we think they explode, and people are looking for the energy released in such events. In the last second of their life they should emit 100000 times more energy than the largest bomb ever built. We don't, however, have a complete description of the end of a black hole's life, which would need a quantum theory of gravity, which still eludes us.
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