Has it been scientifically proven that Nuclear Fusion is actually a possibility and not a 'golden egg goose chase'?

If, theoretically, you were in an infinite sized room, and there was complete darkness. If you lit a candle, how far away would you have to be from this candle before you couldn't see it?

Why hasn't evolution caused mammals to have many more females than males?

Are there organisms with more than two functional sexes?

Imagine a clock with a watch hand so long, it reaches nearly the speed of light at it's end. Is that possible somehow? 

What is the highest a mountain can be? Is there a limit to it?

What makes plastic so cheap and easy to produce as opposed to any other material?

What is generally used to cool down superconductive elements?

When I shine a laser through a piece of glass, did the photons coming out of the other side of the glass originate within the laser, or do the glass molecules produce photons with identical modes as the incident light?

Why is it not possible to simply add protons, electrons, and neutrons together to make whatever element we want?

Could an atomic bomb explosion be seen by someone standing on the moon?

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, how come the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate?

What is the age difference of Earth's pole vs equator (theory of relativity)?

Do people who eat fewer calories live longer?

What would be the consequence of electrons that could have the same quantum numbers?

If identical twins have the exact same DNA, why do they often look slightly different than one another?

Why can't we see all of the black dots simultaneously on this illusion?

Can nuclear testing trigger an earthquake?

Why does adrenaline in certain circumstances give people super human strength?

How do sharks smell a single drop of blood from over two miles away?

Which planet in our solar system is the oldest/youngest?

Why Are Humans' Predominately Right Handed?

Why is it that virtually every single predator in nature is able to eat their prey raw? It seems humans cannot do this otherwise they will get sick.

Can hearing become impaired by being exposed to an inaudible frequency at a very high volume?

The EM Drive. What exactly is it, how does it work?

Are Supermassive Blackholes eating galaxies orbiting them?

The hurricane at Saturn's north pole, with rings in the background 

Understanding the unhappy side of serotonin

Why did the Olympic pool go green and why was it so quick?

Why have we not used IVF to impregnate a elephant with a woolly mammoth yet?

Are humans apes?

A picture of every extraterrestrial body that robots from mankind have landed on and photographed

If most gas giants are made mostly of hydrogen gas, methane and other colorless gases, how come they are so colorful?

What would cause a creature to evolve like this?

Genetic engineering will change everything!

How is MRI scanning used to accurately determine age?

How does a gyroscope spinning in a horizontal position stay upright?

Have subatomic particles ever been measured?

Recessive and dominant genes: what decides which is what?

Is it possible to recreate a smell from a basic list of smells?

Why are fiber-optic connections faster?

This coconut oil melted during a heat wave and later re-solidified. Why did it form this honeycomb structure?

Why does it feel almost required to sleep with our eyes closed?

Why can't most freshwater fish survive in saltwater and vice-versa?

Can a Mars Colony be built so deep underground that it's pressure and temp is equal to Earth?

What would happen if we would step foot on Jupiter?

When is a rock's birthday?